Understanding How the Rockingham Dentist Improves Dental Health

Missing teeth can be a great discomfort and a contributor to low self esteem since you become self conscious when you smile. This has however changed due to advanced technology in the field of dental health following years of research. A Rockingham Dentist specialising in dental implants can give you back your smile and self confidence back in a very short duration of time .They are made from artificial Titanium that are fixed on to your jaw bone to replace your missing teeth. Titanium is used because it easily gels with your jaw bone in a natural way; hence you are not able to tell that this is not your natural tooth.

Before you get dental implants, you will need to consult your Rockingham Dentist who will assess the kind that you will need to give you back your golden smile. The consultation will also examine your jaw bone and dental formula to determine the size of implants needed. The dentist will also assess if you have enough bone support in your teeth because the implants need to get bone support. If you don't have adequate bone support, the dentist may introduce artificial bone support .There are severe cases where implants cannot be used and this forms part of the initial consultation where the dentist makes the decision if you are a viable candidate for dental implants or not.

rockingham dentistOnce the dentist completes the assessment and makes a decision on what kind of dental implants are suitable for you they will give you an appointment to have the procedure carried out. Once the implants are put in, you will need to ensure that you maintain normal oral hygiene to avoid infections and plaque building on your new set of teeth. When you let plaque buildup on your teeth, this will lead to a reduced lifespan of your implants and you will be forced to replace them or have them removed.

The greatest advantage of using Implants instead of using dentures or bridges is the fact that they are more permanent. Implants are also fixed on the root of the jaw hence they tend to look and feel more natural hence you cannot tell the difference between your real teeth and the implants. Dental implants do not affect the rest of your natural teeth at all and you are actually not able to tell the difference between the two.

To finance the dental implants, you have the option of using your insurance cover if it has this as part of the package. If you do not have insurance cover, then you have the option of financing the implants by paying them in installments depending on your dentist requirements. Getting dental implants is a great thing not just because you will have a beautiful smile, but also because you will be able to chew your food better. These implants will go a long way in improving your dental health and boosting your self confidence. In terms of your food, you will no longer be restricted to soft foods due to missing teeth.

There is also the consideration of getting to and from the dental surgery.
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