Roofing 2000 the Commercial Roofing Perth Practitioners who Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Established in 1986, Roofing 2000 is known as the oldest most knowledgeable roofing service companies in Perth WA. We Are experts in Commercial Roofing, Domestic Roofing, Re-Roofing and Asbestos Roof Removal.

At Roofing 2000 we utilise professional trade's men and women who are specialists in their area. Our on-site workers are backed up by a crew of administrators and estimators that utilise time tested techniques that ensure attention to detail on every project.

All of our clients can rest assured that all staff members of the Roofing 2000 team are skilled professionals, willing and able to produce results on every project, large or small.

Roofing 2000 is a member of the Housing Industry Association, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
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